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Tai Chi  

 Thursday, June 20  6PM – 7PM

Session 2 of 4-week session (attendance at session 1 required to participate) 

Bobbi Esmark has been playing Taiji and practicing Qigong for more than 30 years. 

She has been teaching since 2007. She teaches the Yang Style long form. Her lineage
is that of Master Tung Kai Yang. 
For beginners or those who want to refresh or practice the Yang Style Long Form.
Learn fundamentals, explore concepts, refine postures and cultivate energy through
this ancient Chinese art form. 
Taiji Quan or Tai Chi Chuan originally created as a martial art form, is known for its wide range of physical and psycho-spiritual benefits. Taiji brings us in touch with worlds of internal and external energy, increasing strength, stamina and vitality. Students begin by learning a set of slow, circular, graceful movements at an individual pace. Practicing together creates a supportive, connective and inspirational space. Each taiji class includes Qigong, one of the oldest systems of medicine – evidence of practice in China exists from as long ago as 5000 years – and has been proven to heal illness, reduce stress, slow the effects of aging and enliven the spirit.
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